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FB_IMG_14549657715952West Home Services was founded on the simple principle of quality work and good customer service as the foundation for a successful business. 2West Home Services is owned by Adam West and his wife Amy. In the United States Air Force, where he spent 16 years as a sheet metal mechanic, Adam worked on small renovations on the side. It was after he left the service when he realized he really enjoyed working with people on their remodeling projects, delivering outstanding customer service throughout.

2West Home Services is fully licensed and insured. Adam has advanced training and years of experience in a variety of home remodeling skills. We don’t do HVAC repair or replacement, but can help find you the best technicians for the job. We specialize in transforming people’s homes into the castles of their dreams. We can upgrade and enlarge your kitchen, change the layout and fixtures in your bathroom and make it roomier. We can turn your garage or basement into an apartment or add any element you want to your basement, garage, kitchen or any other room in your home.

A few words from Adam

“I care deeply for each and every customer I have the opportunity of working for. I look at any way possible to save a customer money and am always open and honest if what my customer is asking for isn’t the best application for the desired outcome.”

“Other than hiring me, I would suggest to any customer in this area to be selective and choose the contractor/handyman that you feel the most comfortable with. I aim to serve as I have done so for the past 17+ years as a dedicated Air Force member. I am in this line of business because I have a desire to help people and my goal is always to make their experience the best that it can possibly be.”

“Giving as much detail as possible is always best, at least for me. I do not like committing to a job where I was not able to give my customer all possible scenarios, as I do not like for there to be any surprises. I like for my customers to know exactly what they are getting into before they agree to employ me, and not to be hit with any additions when all is said and done.”

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